Our Advantage

From time to time there may be projects which may be difficult to your staff to complete, whether it be retyping a company handbook, preparing meeting minutes or typing and editing a complex contract document, by outsourcing these functions to IEP you enable your permanent staff to complete the core services that are essential to your business, whilst ensuring that these projects are completed in a professional and timely manner. A wonderful advantage of outsourcing your secretarial needs to IEP is that you only pay for the work that needs to be completed. Projects can be forwarded by email, phone, by-hand or collection.


Our Services:

IEP employs experienced secretarial professionals to be able to serve the needs of our clients both in house and on site. Providing specialized secretarial services in the following areas:

  • Meeting attendance and minute taking
  • Transcribing meetings, interviews, conferences, seminars
  • Typing and reformatting of documents, handbooks, articles, instruction or company manuals


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